Senior Officers – Craft

The Province of Yorkshire, West Riding is headed by a Provincial Grand Master, assisted by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master and a number of assistants, each having responsibility for a different area within the Province.

The Provincial Executive

Provincial Grand Master David S. Pratt

David S. Pratt

Provincial Grand Master

Deputy Provincial Grand Master Stuart C. Grantham

Stuart C. Grantham

Deputy Provincial Grand Master

Assistant Provincial Grand Masters

APGM Area 1 Roger D. Newhouse

Roger D. Newhouse

APGM Area 1 /


APGM Area 2 Alan Elstone

Alan Elstone

APGM Area 2

APGM Area 3 Paul Clarke

Paul Clarke

APGM Area 3 /

Tercentenary /

APGM Area 4 John Boyington

John Boyington, CBE

APGM Area 4 /


APGM Area 5 Anthony W. Llewellyn

Anthony W. Llewellyn

APGM Area 5 /

Education & Development

Senior Provincial Officers within the Craft

Provincial Grand Secretary
Keith Tolan
Provincial Grand Treasurer
Brian J. Priestley
Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies
David E Firmin
Provincial Grand Almoner
Ronald Crabtree
Provincial Grand Charity Steward
James S. Watson