RMBI Questions & Answers

What does the RMBI do?

It operates care homes for elderly Masons and their dependants who are in need of care. Like most care homes, residents who have the means will have to pay for their accommodation and care. Places are granted on the basis of need, not on Masonic rank, time spent on an application list or ability to pay.

What makes it different from care providers in the public / private sector?

The high standards of accommodation and care which are closely monitored. Residents have an affinity with each other from their Masonic association. Residents who choose an RMBI Home have the security of knowing that they have a home for life regardless of any change in their financial circumstances, as long as the RMBI can cater for their particular care needs.

Why should I support the Festival?

Unlike the majority of non Masonic charities that receive donations from the wider public, the RMBI is solely dependent upon donations from Freemasons, particularly through Festival appeals. If you are able to support other charities as well as the Festival appeal, you are encouraged to do so, but if you cannot, look upon the Festival appeal as your priority.

Remember, though, that you always have a choice of which charity to support. If you wish to select a beneficiary other than the Festival, advise your Lodge Charity Steward who will be pleased to arrange for your donation to be credited to the Masonic charity of your choice.

Your Charity Steward has been asked to remind you of your options from time to time.

How can I support / donate to the Festival?

Donations can be given individually by standing order or ad-hoc payment, Gift Aided where possible; or collectively as a Lodge or by holding fund raising events. Support can be given in other ways by organising and running events, purchasing merchandise, promoting and encouraging support from Brethren, and supporting others in their endeavours.

Where can I get more information?

Your Lodge Charity Steward can advise you on how to make donations. Information on applying for residency at a Home can be obtained from your Lodge Almoner or the RMBI direct. For more detail about the Festival contact your Festival Area Manager.