Leeds Masonic Charity


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Our History

The Institution was established in January 1877 by seven Lodges in the City.

The objects of the Fund are historically the providing of assistance to children of Leeds Freemasons, their widows and aged and necessitous Freemasons and the provision of Grants and annuities.


As social conditions have improved the emphasis recently has been on providing for a lesser number of necessitous beneficiaries; making ‘one off’ grants of assistance; supporting the two widow’s Social Functions; providing a ‘Death Grant’ to all newly bereaved widows; and donations to other Charities in the Leeds Area whose charitable work impacts on Leeds Freemasons.

The Charity is managed by Officers elected at the Annual meeting with each of the 24 Lodges having a vote. The Presidency rotates through the Lodges on a numerical basis and day to day running is in the hands of an Executive committee. There are five Trustees who oversee the work.

The “Red Book” as it was affectionately known ceased publication in 1984

During all the years of its existence these worthy purposes have, through the generosity of Leeds Masons, been faithfully applied to those in distress or needing aid. We have investments and funds in the region of £60,000. The Charity has the ability to act quickly to provide funds for a wide range of purposes which are not always able to be obtained from other sources without lengthy processes and administration. For example we have supplied, Cookers, Blinds, Reading enhancement devices, TV’s, Showers, Taxis for hospital visits, grants to local organisations, Beds, Reclining Chairs and wheelchairs.

We have an honorary Lady Almoner who visits our beneficiaries and provides gifts in kind, Christmas gifts and support of various types. She contacts recently bereaved widows to offer support and assess need and offer condolences as well as providing a £200 grant at a time of need. Her work is invaluable to the success of the Charity. We welcome referrals from Leeds Lodges with requests for assistance for members, widows and near relatives.

We hold two large functions for widows; a Christmas/New Year lunch and a midsummer dinner. We subsidise the meals and supply drinks for those Widows attending. These are very popular and regularly have over 120 present.

Since our 125th anniversary in 2003 we have donated money to many worthy causes in the Leeds area and will continue to do so for years to come.

KM Gould 2010