Provincial Education & Development

Yorkshire , West Riding is very much at the forefront of Masonic Education. For a number of years the Province has run successful and well-attended Workshops for Wardens, Secretaries, Treasurers, and Directors of Ceremonies and recently a new structure for education was approved by the Rulers.

Each area within the Province now has an Education and Development Committee reporting back to the Provincial Education Officer, the Provincial Mentor, and the Provincial Communications Committee. A Provincial Education and Development Committee chaired by APGM W.Bro Anthony Llewellyn, and steered by W.Bro Ken Wootton, the Provincial Education Officer, will have oversight of all education and training.

One of the major initiatives within the Province is Masonic Light which is a project designed to encourage newer Brethren to explore the positive aspects of Freemasonry and how those facets can make us all better individuals. It has been successfully trialled in Area 5 and will be rolled out across the Province during 2016. Further details of Masonic Light can be found on this web-site.

The Area EDCs will be responsible for the growth of Masonic Light and also undertake projects including: producing a Provincial Members’ Guide, developing a social structure for those Brethren who do not yet hold Provincial Grand Rank, and the expansion of the Goose and Gridiron groups.

It is intended to make a Provincial Conference an annual event and the first of these will be held in the latter part of 2016 on the subject of “The Future of Freemasonry“.

The increased use of electronic media in the Provincial education programme will make a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge easier to achieve for us all. It is hoped that eventually all Educational materials will be downloadable from the web-site and items such as the Mentoring Packs will be distributed on pen-drives.