Provincial Charity Team

Charity, being one of the three key principles on which Freemasonry is founded, has a central role in our activities. In view of this, each Worshipful Master appoints a Lodge Charity Steward as one of his officers during his year.

Lodge Charity Steward

The office of Lodge Charity Steward is the most important part of the charity structure. The Charity Steward has regular contact with the members of his Lodge and is therefore the best placed to encourage them to live up to their charitable obligations to the fraternity in particular and the community in general.

The Charity Steward of a Lodge is a very special person indeed. He must be tactful, discrete and able to keep records, prepare and submit accounts whilst at all times maintaining confidentiality – the amount contributed by a member is not known by other members of the Lodge. (Please see “Guidance Notes for Charity Steward” in the Guidance Notes link). He is responsible for promoting West Riding Masonic Charities Ltd (WRMCL) and the Central Masonic Charities.

No pressure is applied at any stage; donations must be given freely and Charity Stewards recognise that members’ financial circumstances vary. Indeed, a member’s resources will probably change over his lifetime.

The Provincial Charity team supports and assists the Charity Steward in carrying out these duties.

Provincial Charity Assistants (PCA’s)

Provincial Charity Assistants keep in regular contact with the Charity Steward of the three or four Lodges allocated to them, offering guidance and support as necessary to assist them to fulfil their responsibilities. PCAs are members of their Area Charity Committee.

Area Charity Chairmen

The 5 Areas of the Province each have a Charity Chairman who is part of the Provincial Charity Steward’s team, serving on the Provincial Charity Committee. Their main responsibilities are to support the Provincial Charity Steward, chair the meetings of their Area Charity Committee and support their team of Provincial Charity Assistants.

The Area Chairmen are:

 Alan Griffin Area 1
Alan Griffin
ae Area 2
Gerald Dickinson
Area 3
Douglas Mills
mh Area 4
Michael F Holmes
jw Area 5
David Gray

Provincial Grand Charity Steward

Provincial Grand Charity Steward
Michael J Holmes

The Provincial Charity Steward has overall responsibility to Province for the collection and control of monies raised for West Riding Masonic Charities Limited (WRMCL) and the Central Masonic Charities.

His key duties are:

The Provincial Charity Committee consists of the five Area Charity Chairmen and:

John B Gledhill
Chairman, Yorkshire West Riding Masonic Activities Limited
cs Colin Symes
Secretary to the Committee

The Committee assists the Provincial Charity Steward to fulfil his obligations by offering advice and practical help.


Contact: Any Charity matter should first be referred to the Lodge Charity Steward who will if necessary call upon the Charity Team.