Charity Steward Guidance Publications

A number of publications are available to assist the Charity Steward in his work. They are detailed below with a summary of their content.

Charity Manual

A comprehensive guide to the role and responsibilities of all members of the Charity team. The manual includes guidance on the forms used in the Charity system with annotated specimens, notes on accounting procedures and information about Charity in general.

Charity Steward’s Address

Traditionally the address has been made at the meeting before the Lodge Installation, often known as Scroll Night. But as the subject is so large, perhaps two or three addresses annually would be more appropriate.  The Provincial Charity Committee does recommend that a regular item ‘To receive a report from the Charity Steward’ appears on each summons.

Charity Stewards should consider different ways of addressing their lodge members when making their charity address and these notes offer suggested topics.


This fund is administered by West Riding Masonic Charities Limited (WRMCL) under the personal supervision of its President, the Provincial Grand Master. The Fund was established in 1987 to enable Craft Lodges and Royal Arch Chapters to nominate Non Masonic Charitable Organisations in the Province to receive grants for the benefit of the wider community.

The notes are intended to give general advice on how to submit such an application to the Fund.

Your Province, Your Charity

This is a WRMCL publication but has been included in this section as its contents are relevant to the work of the Lodge Charity Steward.

It describes the work of WRMCL in some detail and includes a gift aid certificate and a blank standing order form.

Central Masonic Charities

This booklet provides a brief summary of the work of the four central Masonic Charities under the English Constitution and The Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons’ Fund of Benevolence. These charities provide vital support, in many ways, to many people. They rely on the continuing support of Masons to identify those in need and to provide the donations that enable their work to be funded.

The booklet’s aim is to provide information for all Masons and members of their families about the charities covering: