The Provincial Grand Master’s Message – February 2018

Tercentenary Initiates & Appointments, new members, “Enough is Enough”: 2018 – “BEST YEAR EVER”!

Read our PGM’s February message at the link below:


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A Message to our Brethren from the PGM

“UGLE – Our Rights as Freemasons: “Enough is Enough”

United Grand Lodge is now asserting our rights as Freemasons to combat media discrimination.

My aim is to ensure that all the Brethren in our great Province are fully informed about what is happening.

Yes indeed my Brethren, the worryingly increasing amount of factually incorrect disinformation being published in the National media is now being addressed head-on by our Grand Lodge.

You may have already seen the full page statement in today’s Broadsheets?

“Enough is Enough”

Time was that we, as Freemasons, would “turn the other cheek” and simply ignore any criticism or adverse comment.

Times change! We now live in a different era where it is essential to assert rights when threatened.

The “Enough is Enough” initiative is being roundly welcomed throughout our Constitution and I encourage everyone to be very supportive locally.

It is a pleasure to confirm that our relationships with local media outlets are positive through the hard work of our dedicated Communications Team.

Should you be approached by the media for comment on “Enough is Enough”, please would you refer the enquirer to our Provincial Office?

More information will posted on our Website/Social Media and I strongly encourage you to read and to share with your families and friends.

2018 – Best Year Ever!


Provincial Grand Master

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The Provincial Grand Master’s Message – January 2018

2018 – “BEST YEAR EVER”!

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The Provincial Grand Master’s Message – December 2017

A “glorious” year behind us, but “our best year ever” ahead!

Read our PGM’s December message at the link below:


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The Provincial Grand Master’s Message – November 2017

This has been an exciting month with much to celebrate – The Royal Albert Hall, lots of Initiates, opportunities for talented Brethren, a Quiz announced, and more!

Read our PGM’s November message at the link below:


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The Provincial Grand Master’s Message – October 2017

Celebrations continue….and do you feel that buzz around Freemasonry? Plans to raise awareness of our wonderful fraternity are going well!

And a new Assistant PGM announced!

Read our PGM’s October message at the link below:


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The Provincial Grand Master’s Message – September 2017

An excellent service at Ripon Cathedral featuring the laying of a foundation stone ceremony, and an extremely bright future for Freemasonry!

Keep celebrating Tercentenary and Bicentenary style… we don’t need an excuse to enjoy ourselves!

Read our PGM’s September message at the link below:


What is the laying of a foundation stone? What is Freemasonry about? Our PGM shares his view on camera:
[Published by the Harrogate Informer]

Watch the camera footage from inside the Cathedral at:

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The Provincial Grand Master’s Message – August 2017

New Provincial Grand Secretary announced and a busy month planning for the future…

Read our PGM’s August message at the link below:


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The Provincial Grand Master’s Message – July 2017

July a quiet Masonic month? Absolutely not!!

Read our PGM’s July message at the link below:


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The Provincial Grand Master’s Message – June 2017

RMBI Festival, Tercentenary, and more…

Read our PGM’s June message at the link below:


An additional note from the PGM – Applications for grants awarded from the PGM’s Tercentenary Fund need to be in by 9th September 2017

Click here to read the note

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