Area 4

Area 4 Assistant Provincial Grand Master – John Boyington
Area 4 Royal Arch Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals – Craig J. Bannister

Area 4 is the Southernmost area of the Province with Barnsley in the North, Sheffield in the South and Goole at its most Easterly point. It borders two neighbouring Provincial Provinces, Yorkshire North and East Riding, on our Humberside border, and Derbyshire bordering Sheffield (Dore Masonic Hall houses several Derbyshire Lodges, but is situated within the City of Sheffield). The area website representative is Chris Turner.

Lodges in Area 4

50 Lodges meet in Area 4, with Masonic Halls in Barnsley (Eastgate and Cockerham Lane), Doncaster, Thorne, Goole, Bawtry, Swinton, Rotherham, Penistone and Sheffield.  Penistone Masonic Hall is housed in Penistone Town Hall, all other Halls are owned by the local freemasons.  24 of the Area 4 Lodges meet at Tapton Hall in Sheffield.

Three of the oldest Lodges in the Province (founded before 1800) are located in Area 4
Britannia 139 (1761) Sheffield
St George’s 242(1780) Doncaster
Royal Brunswick 296 (1793) Sheffield

Lodge Name Origins

Certain Lodges also have a dedicated origin. Hadassah 4871 (Sheffield) was formed in 1927 by Brethren of the Jewish faith to ensure they could enjoy an acceptable Festive Board, originally this was a Kosher meal, but today the meal is not strictly Kosher (usually fish) but would never contain forbidden items, although no more than 50% of the current membership are Jewish, the traditions of grace in Hebrew as well as English remain.

University Lodge, Sheffield was founded in 1919 for Freemasons with a University education or employed as teaching or administrative staff in any higher education establishment. Today the Lodge welcomes anyone with an interest in teaching or learning.  The Lodge is an active member of the Universities’ Scheme and has a vibrant undergraduate and postgraduate student membership.

Pathfinder takes much of its membership from leaders and ex leaders of National Youth organisations (Scouts, Boys Brigade) as does its Sister Yorkshire West Riding Lodge Woodsmoke

Forget me Not Lodge was founded to provide a home for Freemasons in the North of England who were Initiated outside the UK.(A sister Lodge already existed in the South of England)
The founders of the Lodge were mainly Ex Service, and business men.
The Lodge does not meet in the winter months so that those travelling to attend avoid the more inclement weather.

Fairways was founded by Members who had an active interest and participation in Golf.
The Members meet to play golf and then attend the Lodge meeting, The Lodge raises money for Masonic Charities through its “AM- AM” golf tournaments

Acting Officers Lodge takes its membership from Brethren who are serving or have served as Acting Provincial Officers. It is therefore a “second Lodge” for most of its members.
The Lodge provides planning and hands on assistance for the annual Provincial Grand Lodge meeting (and other events from time to time)

Lodge of South Yorkshire is a “daylight Lodge”, meeting in the morning with a lunchtime festive board. The Lodge is one of the 24 who meet at Tapton Hall Sheffield

News from Area 4