Area 3

Area 3 forms the northern boundary of the Province. It is situated in an ‘area of outstanding natural beauty’ and includes the World Heritage Site of Fountains Abbey, the Cathedral City of Ripon, the conference town of Harrogate and the Dales market towns of Otley, Skipton and Settle. Harrogate is the venue of the Yorkshire, West Riding Craft Provincial meeting in the Royal Hall, which also boasts the home the first public display of Masonic memorabilia outside of a Masonic Building.

The Area Assistant Provincial Grand Master is Paul Clarke who lives in Collingham. His Administrative Assistant is Peter Smith.

The Royal Arch in Area 3 has at its head Frank Taylor, Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals, who lives in Ben Rhydding.

31 Lodges comprise the Area, numbering in excess of 1,100 Freemasons and occupying 13 Masonic Halls, situated at the following locations:-

Barnoldswick (2), Bentham (1), Guiseley (1), Harrogate (6), Ilkley (3), Knaresborough (2), Otley (6), Pateley Bridge (1), Ripon (2), Settle (2), Skipton (2), Waddington (1) and Wetherby (2).

Of these Lodges, six are in excess of 100 years old, three in excess of 150 years old and one in excess of 200 years old. The oldest being Alfred Lodge No 306, meeting at Otley, which was founded in 1795. The youngest being Linton Lodge No 9444, meeting at Harrogate, which was founded in 1991. These Lodges are faithfully served by a team of 27 Liaison Officers.

In addition, 10 Royal Arch Chapters are attached to Lodges meeting at:-

Harrogate (2), Ilkley (1), Otley (2), Ripon (1), Skipton (1), Waddington (1), Wetherby (1) and Knaresborough (1).

Of these Chapters, four are in excess of 100 years old and two in excess of 75 years old. The oldest being Marquess of Ripon Chapter No 837, founded in 1874. The youngest being Knaresborough Priory Chapter No 4171, founded in 2013. Likewise, faithfully served by a team of 10 Liaison Officers.

The Almoners of the Lodges and Chapters within the Area are supported by a small team of Area Assistant Almoners; Charles King (7452) and Bob Greening-Jackson (9311).

The Area Charity Committee is headed by Doug Mills (7609) and has a team of Charity Management Assistants who each look after 3 or 4 Lodges; Jerry Anderson (4984), John Birkenshaw (1001), David Elsy (837), Andy Gilliland (306), John Greenwood (3255), John Hutchinson (1522), Michael Jefferson (7452), Peter Jesty (2677), Chris Maudsley (2091), Doug Mills (7609), Bob Naylor (5339, also Area Merchandise Manager) and Richard Gozzard who is the Committee Secretary. The Committee is advised by Derek Riley (837)

The Area is represented on the Provincial Communications Committee by David Simister (4404, Chairman & Provincial Communications Officer) and Edward Sissling (8263, Area Information Officer).

The vital service of Mentoring and Education, is provided by the Mentoring Co-ordinator for the Area, Ian Cotton (5339), who is assisted in the east by Gerry McPartland (1001), in the central area by Andrew Wellock (1522) and in the west by John Padgett (2091). The ‘Masonic Light’ delivery team for the Area is chaired by Jerry Anderson (4984), assisted by in the east by Sean McPartland (1001), in the central area by Steve Hill (6848), in the west by John Padgett (2091) and Edward Sissling (8263, communications support).

Within our boundaries there works a peripatetic Lodge of Installed Masters (8087) and two Installed Masters’ Associations, namely, Airedale & Wharfedale and Keighley & Craven. Lodges which have a special interest or bond are the school Lodge Old Giggleswickian (8263) meeting at Settle and the Round Tabler’s Lodge, Lodge of King Arthur (9311) meeting at Ilkley.

The latest addition to the Area are two ‘Goose & Gridiron’ social groups, which meet several times a year in local pubs, and at which potential new members are made very welcome. One meets in the Harrogate district and is organised by Gerry McPartland (1011) and David Simister (4404). The other meets in the Craven district and is organised by Chris Maudsley (2091) and Steve Gower (4102). These meetings are usually publicised on social media.

News from Area 3