Masonic Light Lecture in Area 1 – “The Secrets of the Master Masons Degree” – 14th September 2018

Lecture: “The Secrets of the Master Masons Degree.” Adapted from original presentations by Bro Dr. Robert Lomas

Date: Friday 14th September 2018

Venue: Hoyle Court, Baildon, BD17 6JS

Parking: On Site

Host: Eccleshill Faith & Fraternity Lodge No.1034

Format: Regular Lodge Meeting

Start Time: 6.30pm

Dress Code: Regalia, Dark Suit & White Gloves

Meal Cost: TBC

For Bookings information please see the Poster attached.

Any questions regarding the lecture should be directed to the Central Area ML Assistant email:

A1-ML-14-09-2018-Master Masons-EFF-1034

Posted in Area 1, Education on July 1st, 2018 by Richard Peel

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