Hugely Successful Area 1 Masonic Light Launch

Wednesday 14th of March saw the very successful launch of the Masonic Light educational and enlightenment programme in Area 1, hosted by the Lodge of St.Peter & Harmony 600 at Hoyle Court, Baildon. The launch event was very well attended with over 70 Freemasons in attendance, mostly from Area 1 lodges.

The Masonic Light programme was introduced by W.Bro. Tim Brooksbank, Area 1 Masonic Light Leader, who also introduced his team of very able Assistants, consisting of W.Bro. Richard Emmott (Keighley, Haworth, Bingley), W.Bro. Mark Sheldon (Bradford), W.Bro. Adrian Collins (Cleckheaton, Heckmondwike, Dewsbury, Mirfield, W.Bro. Martin Hanson (Baildon) and W.Bro. Simon Buckingham (Communications). The Assistants will take care of all event bookings throughout Area 1 as well as event publicity, attendance and proactive promotion of Masonic Light education.

Masonic Light is designed primarily to explain to newer members about the meanings of our symbolism, rituals and traditions, however this is equally enlightening to more senior time-served members who invariably will learn something new. Everyone can gain better understanding of why we really do what we do. Through understanding, Masonic Light improves retention, engagement and attendance of members as well as generating the kind of enthusiasm which leads members to want to invite their friends and colleagues to join. As a side-effect Masonic Light also instils the concept of visiting into the minds of newer members by encouraging to attend organised Masonic Light events at other lodges near to them so they broaden their network of Masonic friends.

W.Bro. Tim Brooksbank then proceeded to deliver the first of six Masonic Light presentations entitled “An Explanation of the Secrets of the Entered Apprentice Degree” which despite being quite a long lecture engaged the attention of everyone present for a considerable period of time. Tim didn’t see anyone fall asleep during a presentation which lasted nearly an hour!

At the end of the presentation Bro. Dr. Robert Lomas who originally researched the material for the Masonic Light programme joined W.Bro. Brooksbank to answer questions from the audience and W.Bro.Peter Smith, Masonic Light Manager explained about supporting materials for the Masonic Light programme and also explained about Light Nuggets which are brief presentations designed for lodges to deliver themselves, either in open lodge or on practice or junior presentation nights. Tim was very pleased to be able to take a step back from speaking at this point having almost completely lost his voice by this time; he had been unable to speak at all earlier that morning due to a heavy cold and delivered the presentation in his best “heavy metal rock singer” voice rather than his usual booming speaking manner. Next step, may be an audition for AC/DC…

The meeting closed and was followed by a very enjoyable Old English Night. Afterwards the Area 1 Masonic Light team was thrilled to be asked by so many lodges if they host a Masonic Light event in their own lodge, with many attendees commenting this was the most useful, interesting and best presented lecture they’d seen in their entire Masonic career, this being said even by members with 50+ years service to Freemasonry.

Masonic Light Presentations available for Area 1 are:

  • An Explanation of the Secrets of the Entered Apprentice Degree
  • An Explanation of the Secrets of the Fellowcraft Degree
  • An Explanation of the Secrets of the Master Mason Degree
  • Basic Masonic Symbolism and the Six Tracing Boards
  • All the Working Tools of a Master Mason
  • So You Think You Want to Become a Freemason?
  • – this final presentation is designed to be given to non-Masons at gavel nights, afterlodge and social events.
    Currently Area 1 has a further 11 Masonic Light events booked between now and Summer 2019 recess. The target is to deliver at least 20 presentations within that period so if you would like to host an event or just want to know more please visit our dedicated Masonic Light website or email or call Tim on 07789 981463.

    Masonic Light Area 1 Launch. Pictured from left to right: W.Bro.Martin Hanson, W.Bro.Mark Sheldon, W.Bro.Adrian Collins, W.Bro.Tim Brooksbank, Bro.Dr.Robert Lomas, W.Bro.Richard Emmott, W.Bro.Simon Buckingham

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