Hospice Funding in Area 5

On behalf of the Masonic Charitable Foundation W Bro. John Bailey presented Sophie Bramley of St Gemma’s Hospice with a Certificate confirming they had received £4,080 and W Bro. David Gray presented Michelle Darbyshire with Wheatfields Hospice’ certificate confirming they had received £2,620. These are just two of 245 grants to hospices around the country from Freemasons. In total £600,000 will be donated to hospices all over England and Wales this year.

W Bro. John Bailey and Sophie Bramley of St Gemma’s Hospice

W Bro. David Gray and Michelle Darbyshire of Wheatfields Hospice

Posted in Area 5, Masonic Charitable Foundation on December 29th, 2017 by Robin Misra

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