International Interest Shown in Floral Beds

On a recent visit to the Ripon Spa Gardens floral beds, Doug Mills of The Spa Lodge No. 7609 in Harrogate and Sue Wood, the council’s horticultural officer, had great pleasure in explaining the purpose of their design to some Japanese visitors they met there. The visitors went away happy in having gained a little knowledge of the UGLE and the Province of Yorkshire, West Riding.

The beds are looking quite magnificent and hopefully will still be in full splendour on the day of the Cathedral Service on Sunday 24th September.

It is recommended that all those attending take the opportunity to walk the short distance to the Park Street entrance (post code HG4 2BD) where they will find a statue of Lord Ripon (First Marquis of Ripon) who was the Grand Master 1870 – 1874.

Posted in Area 3, Tercentenary news on August 30th, 2017 by Robin Misra

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