Assistant Grand Master becomes patron of children’s hospice charity Lifelites

Assistant Grand Master, and former Lord Mayor of London, Sir David Wootton is to become a patron of Lifelites, the charity which donates and maintains inclusive technology for terminally ill and disabled children in hospices.

Sir David was introduced to Lifelites through his role as Assistant Grand Master, and since learning more about the charity’s work, he has decided to lend his name to help the organisation and the children it supports.

Lifelites – originally a Freemasons’ millennium project but now a registered charity in its own right, donates and maintains specialist packages of assistive and inclusive technology for the 10,000 terminally ill and disabled children at every children’s hospice across the British Isles.

The technology the charity provides helps these children to play, be creative, control something for themselves and communicate, for as long as it is possible. It gives them the opportunity to escape the confines of their disabilities and do the things which we take for granted, but which they never thought possible: paint a picture, make music, or play a game with their brothers and sisters.

Sir David said: “I am delighted to be in two organisations that are big supporters of Lifelites and am therefore doubly keen to support them. I recently visited their office and was shown what the dedicated team do there by Simone, the terrific Chief Executive. They have a musical instrument you can play just by passing your hand through a beam of light, a screen you can paint on in different colours electronically just with a move of the eye, and the amazing Magic Carpet. All products of great imagination which transform these children’s lives and give them the chance to do what we all take for granted. Such wonderful work.”

Simone Enefer-Doy, Chief Executive of Lifelites, said: “We are bowled over that Sir David has agreed to become a patron and support the work of Lifelites. We have no doubt that his status in the City Community will be perfect to assist us in raising the profile of Lifelites among this important audience.”

To find out more about the charity, please visit the website at If you’d like to get in touch you can call 0207 440 4200 or email

Information about Lifelites:

Lifelites empowers 10,000 children and young people in hospices with life-limiting, life-threatening illnesses and disabling conditions by providing them with opportunities to benefit from the power of assistive and inclusive technologies to play, to be creative, to communicate and to take control. There is a Lifelites project in every baby and children’s hospice across the British Isles. The hospices do not pay a penny towards their Lifelites project and all of Lifelites’ work is funded by donations: the equipment, ongoing technical support and training at each hospice costs around £50,000 over four years.
Charity Number: 1165791

Our Province has been key to Lifelites:

See this article from 2015….

IT’s magic! Huddersfield’s Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice is the first among the 50 children’s hospices throughout Britain to receive an exciting new package of specialist technology – and a portable mini Magic Carpet!

National charity Lifelites provided the original educational and entertainment technology package when Forget Me Not opened its doors to sick children with life limiting illnesses four years ago.

Chief executive Simone Enefer-Doy came up from London to unveil the latest state-of-the-art technology which will enable young people to play, to be creative, control something for themselves and communicate – for as long as it is possible.

The package includes a number of magical items such as: Touchscreen PCs, Eyegaze and music packages, assistive mice, and games, the Makey Makey, Cameras and Printer, Head Mouse, the Lifelites Specialist iPads and the new portable Magic Carpet.

The Carpet helps children escape the confines of their illness by projecting interactive games and images onto the floor so that those with little or no mobility can play simply by moving on or over the picture.

It brings the outside world to them by giving them the chance to splash in the sea, fly a plane or play football with their brothers and sisters, irrespective of their disabilities. The best thing about this magical piece of equipment is that it is portable which means the hospice community team can take the Magic Carpet to the children to use in their own homes.

WRMCL funded the original package at Forget Me Not with a £20,000 donation and provided £10,000 towards an equipment upgrade in 2015.

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