Stride Theatre in Wakefield – PGM’s Fund Award

The PGM’s fund has brought great joy to many charities throughout the Province, one of which being Stride Theatre in Wakefield.

The Chantry Chapter 4065 of the Supreme Grand Chapter applied in favour of the charity receiving £790 to enable them to buy a camcorder, so those attending can film the great progress they make, and also some chairs that they really needed.

The Creative Director is Rebecca Simpson who provides an amazing service to children and adults with learning difficulties.

Rebecca stated: “Stride Theatre aims to provide a safe place for everyone to build confidence, have fun and use Theatre as a tool for expression and empowerment. Stride aims to bring the community together and offers a variety of classes for all ages, Stride is affordable and accessible for all who want to access us.”

“I’m extremely overwhelmed by the generosity of The Freemasons and I’m so excited to be able to buy furniture and new filming equipment that will really add value to all who attend.”

Congratulations to all involved for the terrific work that you have undertaken!

For more information on Stride and their work, please visit:

For more information on the PGM’s fund, please visit:

For more information on the Supreme Grand Chapter, please visit:

Posted in Charity News on July 18th, 2017 by Robin Misra

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