Celebrate in the Centre of the Province – Tercentenary Goose & Gridiron!

Celebrate in the Centre of the Province

June 24th is a significant date in our history. The first ever meeting of Grand Lodge took place on that day in 1717 at the Goose and Gridiron Public House.

As we reach our 300th anniversary, we’re taking Freemasonry back to where it came from for the day, by meeting in the back room of a pub in the way that has become familiar to all who have attended a ‘Goose and Gridiron‘ event already.

There is no dress code, no strict timing, no need for apologies and all are welcome. The room is open from 4pm. Although food won’t be provided, there are many food options around the venue for those who require some.

If you haven’t yet decided how to celebrate our Tercentenary, consider coming and visiting Wakefield’s Goose and Gridiron for the day.

(See attached poster for more details)


Posted in Tercentenary events on May 7th, 2017 by Robin Misra

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