More Charitable Giving at Mirfield

Mirfield Masonic Hall had an extra ceremony in November when Area 1 Festival Chairman, Alan Griffin, accepted a cheque from a Past Master of Mirfield Lodge 1102, W Bro John Halliwell, to the benefit of the RMBI.

That was only half the story. John, a sprightly young man in his early sixties had finally achieved a long term goal the previous summer, the completion of the LeJog cycle ride. For those not into acronyms, LeJog stands for, Land’s End to John o’Groats. John took a route of nearly a thousand miles and over 50,000 feet of climbing, spread over fourteen days.

Of course, just to make things interesting, the hottest day of 2016 was also day three of the ride, when temperatures in his locality soared to 37C. Statisticians have recently noted a mortality spike on that day and we very nearly lost John, as he succumbed to heat stroke that evening. He was back on the bike the next morning though.

John went with an organised group but he is also grateful for the support he had approaching the ride, both in sponsorship and training. W Bro Richard Parkinson and W Bro Chris Oldfield, both 1102 Past Masters, were happily conscripted into service as head coach and head fundraiser respectively. Richard says Chris had the easy job.

As the Craft was, and indeed still is, in Festival for the RMBI, it was natural that John would want to ride for that cause. Like most of us, he has a circle of friends outside Freemasonry and the RMBI is that most Masonic of charities, being for our dependants specifically. To attract non-masonic support, he split his fund raising and raised half for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, another great cause that also attracts regular funding from West Riding Masonic Charities Ltd. A split online JustGiving account was also created, allowing online supporters a choice.

Richard’s training regime was tough but John reaped the benefits and still does, as those “thousand mile legs” are making us “young ‘uns” work that little bit harder on our weekend cycle rides.

Well done to John for raising over £2,000 and well done to the RMBI and the YAA, long may their excellent work continue.

W Bro Chris Oldfield PPDGDC

Mirfield 1102

Posted in Charity News on January 7th, 2017 by Kevin Gould

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