Yorkshire Air Ambulance – New Helicopter Unveiling Tuesday 7th June 2016

Yorkshire Air Ambulance

New Helicopter Unveiling Tuesday 7th June 2016


Yorkshire Freemasons were pleased to attend the unveiling of the new Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA) at their Nostell Priory base on Tuesday 7th June 2016.


Amongst a large group of fellow Sponsors and Patrons which included the Lord Lieutenant, High Sheriff, Mayor of Wakefield, Geoffrey Boycott, Gaynor Barnes, nmany commercial organisations and businesses.


The Charity Chairman Peter Sunderland (formerly ‘Harmony’ lodge) gave a warm comprehensive welcome and thanks to all – particularly mentioning Yorkshire Freemasons.


Different speakers from the various aspects of the Helicopters work viz:- Charity fundraising; Pilots; medical Staff.  Gave addresses and information.


The new helicopter had been carefully selected and bought from Germany at a cost of £6 million.  We need two ! the first was paid for and we had all most paid for the second.  It costs £ 12,000 a day to run and averages 3 emergency flights a day. This amounts to £4.4 million a year the equivalent of £1 per person living in Yorkshire at the moment. YAA has the lowest administration costs of any of the Air Ambulance services at 15% which was due to the careful management and numerous voluntary contributions.

The new Helicopter will last for 25-30years and is capable of Night Flights which will give a 30% increase in flight operations and as it is a more efficient aircraft there will be no increase in overall costs.  It can fly for much longer and has rear door access.

Our Masonic Logo is on both the two rear doors…

The Medical Staff announced that the NHS had now agreed to put Doctors onto the Helicopters and 11 Doctors would in future be part of the team.  The interior medical equipment fitting of the aircraft was yet to be done but would be state of the art and specifically adopted for use, unlike the existing Helicopter which was second hand.


Geoffrey Boycott spoke to thank all the Volunteers – ordinary folk doing their bit for the benefit of others, All those involved with the actual work of the Helicopter, the Sponsors and everyone attending but in particular Peter Sunderland for all his efforts.

Peter and his wife had been at Oxford when the new helicopter arrived from Germany and she said poignantly,  ‘I wonder how many lives it will save’.  That we cannot say but the existing Helicopter has saved well over four thousand !!!


This is thanks to numerous donations but Yorkshire Freemasons should be proud that their contributions are supporting this wonderful Charity.



 The Yorkshire Freemasons Logo



The new helicopter – ready for action!



Tony Llewellyn – Assistant Provincial Grand Master


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