Chapel Allerton Hospital Receives £1,000 Freemasons Donation

Dermatology and rheumatology patients in West Yorkshire will be helped in their treatment thanks to a £1,000 donation from local Freemasons.

The money, which was presented to staff at Chapel Allerton Hospital, in Leeds, by members of Liberty Lodge, is being used to purchase specialist equipment vital in speeding up the healing process.

Due to experiencing very significant skin and joint problems – such as severe eczema and psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis – some patients may be in hospital for up to three or four weeks.

A new treatment called “biologics” has been developed and is administered by intravenous infusion, which takes about eight hours. However, this process requires a “Dynamap”, which measures patient’s blood pressure, pulse, temperature, blood and oxygen.

Lodge members successfully applied to West Riding Masonic Charities for help in financing this vital piece of equipment.

Dermatology Professor Bill Cunliffe – who approached the lodge for financial assistance – said: “As a result of the generosity of the West Riding Masonic Charities, the Ward is now in the process of purchasing this equipment.”

David Birkett from Liberty Lodge, which meets at Allerton Masonic Hall, Alwoodley, said: “We are delighted that our application to West Riding Masonic Charities for a £1,000 grant has been successful.

“It will ultimately benefit many people suffering from skin and joint ailments, in and around the Leeds area, and again shows that Freemasonry is very much at the heart of the local community.”

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Fraternal Act!

Freemasons David Birkett (right) and Alan Gilder with Sister Vicki Asquith,

at Chapel Allerton Hospital






Posted in Area 5, Provincial News on May 31st, 2016 by Kevin Gould

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