Since my last update on 31 December last year we have been very involved within the Areas of the Province that were decimated by the floods.


We have distributed the following amounts:


£5000              Calderdale Community Fund

£1000              Elland ‘Hub’ for rental of a vehicle to redistribute donated furniture & white goods to local families.

£5000              Bradford Community Fund

£5000              Leeds Community Fund


I am delighted to say that the above amounts have been match funded by the West Yorkshire Mark Masons from their Mark Benevolent Fund grant of £25000.


This week we have been speaking to Tadcaster Emergency Action Group, which unfortunately is not a registered Charity.   Tadcaster ‘falls between two stools’ as far the Province is concerned.    It is in Yorkshire, West Riding masonically, but politically it is administered from York.  Having explored the options available we propose to give £5000, through a local Tadcaster Community Charity [i2i Ltd], ring fenced for the Emergency Action Group.   Again I am delighted to say that West Yorkshire Mark are providing £3000 to the Emergency Action Group and a colleague of ours feels that the North & East Mark Province will also contribute additional assistance.


In addition, amounts totalling £2000 have been allocated to various community-based groups.    Including £1000 to Tadcaster Albion Football club [a registered charity] who have suffered severe damage to the clubhouse, pitches and changing areas.    The club provides football coaching and also a community focal point for the Town.  The charity has provided support  – quote “ that is priceless”  – by allowing  access for a temporary footbridge to be placed on their land and they are also providing a free car park for local residents to access the footbridge.   Without which residents and businesses in the local community would have been caused severe problems.


As you will see from the above we are nearing the £25000 we allocated in late December.   The Grand Charity grant of £25000, to our WRMCL Emergency Fund for community use, should be with us next week.   This will enable us to continue our work in supporting the local communities, in what is an ongoing effort to bring relief to those in need.



Jack Pigott


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