Update on Flood Relief





The Province has adopted a two-pronged approach to flood relief for Brethren and their communities within the Province – Donations to Communities and assistance for Brethren and their dependants.


Donations to Communities


So far we have donated £5,000 to Calderdale Community Foundation and Leeds Community Foundation.


Both Foundations are registered charities limited by guarantee.  It is important that the recipients of our donations are recognised charities.  We have to ensure that the money the Brethren donate is safe and secure at all times.


Both of these donations have been matched by the Mark Master Masons of West Yorkshire who have received £25,000 from the Mark Benevolent Fund, London.


Hot of the Press — Bradford Community Foundation will have a donation of £5000 by 13 January, again matched by Mark Benevolent Fund.


Help and Assistance for Brethren, and their Dependants


Brethren can apply for help and assistance for themselves and/or their dependants through the CHOICES scheme using the Lodge and Provincial Almoner structure or the confidential telephone line.


VW Bro. Jack Pigott, Chairman of WRMCL, said, “This is a time of real need for some of our Brethren and their dependants.  It is important that we get the message across that help and support is available for them.  We should also remember to tell our Wives and Partners about what is happening, as it is important that they know that their ‘family’ money is being put to good use”.



Following enquiries WRMCL have now set up an Emergency Relief Fund account for any donations from Lodges or other Provinces.  Donations can be made to the Fund through the Provincial office using the normal donations to charities form.  Cheques should be endorsed ‘Emergency Relief Fund’ on the back.



7 January 2016

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