Flooding – A Message of Support from a very concerned Provincial Grand Master

I have become increasingly concerned as I see the reports in the media regarding the devastation being caused by flooding in some parts of our Province.  As Provincial Grand Master, my prime concern is for my Brethren, their loved ones and our dependants.

In addition to extending my thoughts and prayers to anyone impacted by the floods, I want to make sure that all my Brethren and dependants are safe and warm at this very difficult time and also to offer some practical support:

As Brother Freemasons, this is a time when we do form a column of mutual support.

Masonic Charitable Funds are available to alleviate distress

The Provincial Grand Almoner and his Team stand ready to provide guidance and money if needed – Please approach your own Lodge Almoner in the first instance.  There is also the Provincial Confidential Helpline: 08449 020220

Sometimes money is not the only solution! Just by “Being There” with our Brethren and in our Communities is as equally important. Words of comfort, practical support, food, hot drinks, shelter and kindness immediately spring to mind.

I would like to think that our Masonic Halls would be made available to provide a safe haven for anyone who is homeless or who needs the reassurance of being with caring human beings or even just for a cup of tea.

Brethren in Distress?

I would like to be made aware of any Brother or Dependant in distress caused by the flooding.

Please inform the Assistant Provincial Grand Master for your Area through your own Lodge Liaison Officer.

May the Great Architect of the Universe bless and protect us all and provide a speedy relief to the sufferings of those in distress


David S Pratt
Provincial Grand Master

Posted in Charity News, PGM, Provincial News on December 30th, 2015 by David Clough

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