New Provincial web site, and 2015 usage statistics

The new Provincial web site was launched today, modernising the look and feel, and aligning with internet standards. The new web site is more easily viewable on tablets and hand-held devices.

We hope you like the new site.

If you would like to contribute news items in 2016, please use the new submission form.

2015 Usage Statistics

The following statistics show the use of our web site during 2015:

2015 total visits
111,631 visits as at 28/12/2015 (108,361 in 2014)
Average daily visitors
308, averaging 3,200 page views (1,659 in 2014)
2015 total page views
Top visiting countries
1. France
2. Great Britain
3. United States
White Rose downloads
Maximum 1,440 per edition (Edition 49)

Web site downtime

Sadly the web site suffered two small instances of downtime in 2015. The most recent downtime was due to a migration of our hosting package to a new subscription. Unfortunately some technical issues arose that only the hosting company could fix.

The other downtime (earlier this year) was a result of hackers attacking the site. A person downloaded the White Rose magazine over 500,000 times, which used up our data allowance in a few hours. The originating address of the attacker is now banned from accessing the site.

The website currently suffers nearly 6,500 password hacking attempts each month. We also track nearly 700,000 attempts by hackers looking for security vulnerabilities each year.

We apologise for any downtime, and appreciate your patience while we restore the service.

Posted in Provincial News on December 28th, 2015 by David Clough

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