The Travelling Pedestal Scheme

The Travelling Pedestal scheme is intended to promote inter-visiting between Chapters within the Royal Arch Province of Yorkshire West Riding.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent Stewart G. Carley is most grateful to E. Comp. Thomas Lindsay Ward PPGSwdB for making and donating to the Province, the Travelling Pedestal and carrying case.

The first presentation of the Travelling Pedestal was made by The MEGS Stewart G. Carley at the meeting of Provincial Grand Chapter on Saturday 7th November 2015.

The Travelling Pedestal was presented to the MEZ and members of Knaresborough Priory Chapter No 4171 who are the first “Receiving Chapter”.

The procedure to be adopted by a Chapter when “Receiving and Presenting” the Travelling Pedestal is shown later.

The words of the suggested ritual can be printed on a card for those taking part, and may be read.


E. Comp Francis Testo, Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals will co-ordinate and oversee arrangements made for the Presentation of the Pedestal, and administration of the Scheme in general.

The Chapter presenting the Travelling Pedestal is referred to as the “Presenting Chapter”, and the Chapter receiving it as the “Receiving Chapter”

In order that no expense is incurred by the “Receiving Chapter”, members of the “Presenting Chapter” will pay for their own meals.

The “Receiving” Chapter should within two months (excluding the months of June, July & August) “Present” the Travelling Pedestal to another Chapter, of their choice.
The Chapter selected should preferably meet in a different location or “Area” of the Province.

After deciding which Chapter is to be the next recipient of the Travelling Pedestal, the MEZ (or Scribe E) of the Chapter currently in possession of the Travelling Pedestal should contact the Chapter selected to make arrangements in accordance with the presentation procedure (see Secretariat area for full details, or contact E. Comp. Testo via the Provincial Office).

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