Masonic Samaritan Fund

Small Grants Fund

The small grant fund has been overhauled to help all eligible beneficiaries who are facing a long wait to see a consultant. If the wait is longer than 8 weeks applicants just need to ring MSF – your Assistant Almoner should be able to help.    Please ring 020 7404 1550 for the MSF

Counselling Careline

MSF has now launched the MSF Counselling Careline to offer support to people in need of counselling and other talking therapies.  It is to help those experiencing emotional and psychological difficulties.

The Counselling Service is a confidential 24 hour freephone helpline operated by trained counsellors who will listen and offer professional guidance.  Initial contact should be through the MSF during office hours on 020 7404 1550.

More information can be found on the MSF website at

MSF Eligibility Calculator

If you or one of your Brethren are considering making an Application to MSF for a grant to fund private treatment, care or support, please go through the Eligibility Calculator to be found on the MSF web-site at

There are 10 questions for you to answer which will ascertain your eligibility to apply checking on:

  • Masonic connection
  • Assistance required
  • Financial circumstances

Following completion of the Calculator, your next steps will be explained

Posted in Almoners on April 4th, 2014 by David Clough

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