Masonic Relief Grants Summary of Guidelines for the year beginning 1 April 2014

If an almoner is considering making an application for a grant it is sometimes useful if a very rough idea can be given as to the feasibility. The Masonic Relief Grants Committee (MRCG) meets on a monthly basis to consider applications for assistance with daily living expenses. The following notes are intended as a very rough guidance for almoners to see if an application is worthwhile. THESE FIGURES ARE GUIDELINES ONLY – THEY ARE NOT HARD AND FAST RULES

Income/ Expenditure

The Petitions Committee considers a minimum Income Standard as follows

Single person £10,500 per annum
Couple £16400 per annum
Single pensioner £8600 per annum
Couple Pensioner £12,600 per annum

These figures are considered to be minimum incomes required to afford an acceptable standard of living following deduction of housing costs i.e. rent or mortgage interest, council tax and water rates.  Heating/lighting costs up to £1500 are included in the guideline but the Committee will increase this by £800 for those of pensionable age up to a maximum of £2300. Capital Limits

Single Person £13,000
Couple £18,000

Filling in the application forms.

A newcomer to the application forms may find them very lengthy, however just remember in all cases we are distributing money and it is very important that in these economic circumstances we do our best for all of us. Please remember the following points:-

  • Only necessary items are required, mortgage/rent, mortgage interest, council tax and water rates.
  • The capital element of mortgage repayments will not be taken into account
  • Gas electric costs are accepted as is maintenance of boiler etc.
  • Do not include mobile phone costs unless they are necessary for safety.
  • When asking for assistance give a full account of the circumstances.  Our job is to let the Petitions Committee have as much background information as possible to enable them to understand the problems being faced by the applicant.
  • Is the problem financial?  What are the applicant’s living conditions like? Are decorations needed?
  • How is their health?  If children are involved are there schooling issues?

Obtain copies of all correspondence relating to State benefits

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