Good Practices discussed at Almoners Workshops

At the recent Almoners Workshops in Morley, Otley and Sheffield a number of items of good practice were discussed and these have been placed on the Almoners’ Bulletin Board for information

  • Mention was made of the RMBI home at Connaught Court in York.  Whilst it was noted that it is run as a commercial business and it is very often fully occupied, it has been used as respite care and from time to time when space is available.
  • The Samaritan Fund (MSF) has been used very successfully by almoners; they are contacted directly in London.
  • It was agreed that the Provincial Almoners Handbook was a very useful document and a complete update is being organized.  A PDF copy of the Handbook is available on this web site
  • Certain areas in the province had quarterly lunches where brethren and widows were able to meet and have some conversation with past friends.
  • One almoner asked a question on problems which occurred in other parts of the country – in such a case contact is made with other parts of the country and the local Province will take up the case – this has proved very successful.
  • A number of questions were asked on the problems with recognizing a need.  The consensus of opinion felt that there was no better way than maintaining regular contact and making use of the help from the Provincial care team – Anne Harrison from WRMCL and Care Advisers from RMBI and RMTGB.    They attended the meetings and were very good in leaving contact numbers and their cards, they were able to fully point to a specific charity depending on the need and help with filling the forms.
  • Do not forget the West Riding Masonic Charities – this is very useful for emergency help.
  • All groups said that regular contact was necessary – telephone every month, 4 visits a year including Christmas and possibly take wife or partner.
  • In a climate where we are struggling to maintain membership it is vital that we contact members who are not attending find out why, and can we help?
  • Many Lodges involve Assistant Almoners to help with the day to day job of keeping in contact with Brethren and widows.  In some cases this included a younger assistant focusing on younger brethren.  A useful aim was to try to encourage all members of the lodge to be Almoners.
  • Almoners Fund
    The Provincial Guidance is that all Almoners in the Province should have their own Fund and they should have the discretion over its use.  An Almoner should not have to ask money from the Treasurer for his regular activities.

Posted in Almoners on April 4th, 2014 by David Clough

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