Area 5 Brethren Challenge You!

Who Dares Wins!

Brethren of the Province of Yorkshire West Riding and in particular the Assistant Provincial Grand Masters in Areas One, Two, Three and Four – how extensive is your Masonic knowledge?

The Assistant Provincial Grand Master – W. Bro David S Pratt has issued a challenge to the other Areas of the Province to see if they can match that of Area 5, naturally he doubts that very much and was even sceptical that any area would dare to enter a team to compete with his most knowledgeable teams of Area 5.

Therefore to prove their superiority they have challenged the remainder of the Province to a quiz, so to the other Assistant Provincial Grand Masters ‘Can you cut the mustard’? Dare you take on the challenge of Area 5? Be warned they know their stuff!!

Not only is the challenge worthwhile it also gives all Master Masons a chance to increase their own knowledge.

So to join in on an historic event in this great Province then put the following venue, date and time in your diary, 7.00 PM Castle Grove Masonic Hall Leeds, Monday 29th July 2013.

In order to give those other areas a chance they may enter any number of teams so that they can involve as many Master Masons as possible. To add extra spice it is hoped that each Area would field a ‘squad’ of 3 -5 daring Past Masters to enter the spirit of the evening, do you have greater knowledge that Master Masons?

We therefore want Master Masons in your Lodge to join in and represent your area and be a part of a great evening, the more the merrier because we want as many Master Masons to be involved as possible and even then W. Bro Pratt doubts that any Area can match Area 5, so o those Areas with a lesser knowledge are you ready to be beaten? There will be a trophy and prizes but the biggest prize is our increase in knowledge and of course which Area wants to be the first winners of an annual event?

There will be a preliminary meeting for interested Master Masons in Area 5 at Castle Grove on 30th April 2013 – 7.00 to 9.00 PM

Contacts for joining are:
W. Bro Alan Webster
Tel: 07712 615763

W. Bro. Phillip Boyd
Tel: 07794 841701
We look forward to seeing if anybody can even come close to Area 5!

W. Bro James Baird P.P.S.G.W
Tel: 01132 78582
Mob: 07958 743244

Posted in Provincial News on April 4th, 2013 by David Clough

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