Provincial Charity Committee Newsletter September 2012

Welcome to the second of an occasional series of newsletters designed to keep you abreast of the work of the Festival Organising and Charity Committees.

Distribution of Donations sent to WRMCL.

Experience gained in the first few months of the Festival suggests that some refinement of our procedures would be helpful. In particular, the need to ensure clarity in the selection of the intended beneficiary is paramount. This selection should, of course, always reflect the expressed wish of the contributing brethren, a wish that WRMCL will honour.

In light of this, I would now ask that charity stewards always place a tick against the appropriate beneficiary, preferably the RMBI 2017Festival, on the list featured on the Donations to Charities Form. It is no longer enough to assume that donations to WRMCL will default to the Festival. Irrespective of the ultimate destination of the funds, cheques should be drawn in favour of WRMCL to count for patronage of both the benefitting charity, where applicable, and WRMCL.

Please also remember – a separate form must be completed for each benefitting charity.

In case of doubt, please, as ever, contact your Provincial Charity Assistant. (PCA)

View September 2012 Grants List (PDF file)

Annual Return 30th September.

All charity stewards should have received a blank annual return form which is due to be completed as at 30th September. Please contact your PCA if you haven’t received your copy yet.

Completed forms, and it should only take a few minutes to complete them, should be returned to your PCA as soon as possible but no later than 15th November.

Preference declaration

The Preference Declaration included in the three-panel A4 leaflet Your Charity of Choice which also contains a blank standing order mandate and gift-aid form has been withdrawn and should not be used in future.

PGM’s Fund

A list of the latest grants is attached. If your lodge has sponsored a successful application please try to arrange some publicity – your local Communications Committee representative may be able to help.

If you’re not sure who is your Communications Committee representative contact W Bro Steve Emmet, Secretary, Provincial Communications Committee on 0113 229 7269, 07729 029123 or at This information can also be found at .

Upcoming Changes at The Freemasons’ Grand Charity

Roger Freeman, who has made a tremendous contribution to The Freemasons’ Grand Charity during the past five years whilst he has been in charge of Masonic Relief Grants, has announced his intention to retire to the sunny shores of Cornwall with effect from January 2013.  The Charity is enormously grateful for the dedication, commitment and knowledge that Roger has brought to the role and especially for the highest standards of service to both Provincial Grand and Lodge Almoners that he has given.

James France has been appointed as Roger’s successor and joined the Grand Charity on 17 September to allow for a hand over period.  James retired from the RAF in 2006 after 27 years of service and has worked since then for military benevolence charities.  He brings to the Charity extensive management experience from his time in the RAF, combined with immediately relevant welfare and grant-making knowledge.

Festival Stewards’ Jewels

A number of Charity Stewards have been inserting the address of the applicant on jewel application forms rather than their own address. Jewels are sent to charity stewards to ensure an audit trail through the charity system. If you are a charity steward, please help the office by inserting your address as requested on the application form.

Jewels will only be sent to charity stewards after the qualifying donation has been received at the provincial office. If you are delaying this remittance for any reason, please advise the applicant to avoid unnecessary phone calls to the provincial office. Better still, don’t delay the remittance!

Update on contributions

On 28th August, WRMCL sent a cheque to the RMBI which took the total remitted since the festival launch to over £100,000, an excellent start given that most lodges have been in recess. 239 Festival Jewels have been supplied, 5 lodges have achieved vice-patronage and one lodge has become a Grand Patron – congratulations to St Oswald’s 910, Pontefract and many thanks to you all.

Festival section, Provincial website.

The Festival section of the provincial website is now fully operational and contains news and guidance on a range of festival-related matters. If you have any suggestions or additions please advise your PCA.

Any old iron?

W Bro Ian Smith of Danecastre Lodge, 4843, is collecting old, unusable grand and provincial grand regalia of any order. He is able to recycle such items and will donate all proceeds to the RMBI 2017 Festival. Contact .

The next meeting of the Festival Organising Committee will take place on Saturday 27th October, and that of the Provincial Charity Committee on Thursday 11th October. If you have any suggestion for content of future newsletters please ask your Provincial Charity Assistant to forward them.

W Bro Stuart C Grantham PAGDC
Provincial Grand Charity Steward
Deputy chairman, Festival Organising Committee

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