Deputy Grand Superintendent to Retire

The Grand Superintendent, E Comp. John K Clayton has announced that E Comp. John A Briggs the Deputy Grand Superintendent will retire at the Annual Convocation of Provincial Grand Chapter on 3 November 2012.    E Comp. Clayton in making the announcement said “John Briggs has served as my Deputy since 2006 and during that time has assiduously promoted the Royal Arch in the Province, and particularly the importance of the indissoluble link between the Royal Arch and the Craft.   I am most grateful for his wise counsel and the support he has given me. “

The Grand Superintendent has appointed the Second Provincial Grand Principal, E Comp. Stewart G Carley to be Deputy Grand Superintendent, and as a consequence of this appointment the position of Second Provincial Grand Principal will be filled by E Comp. D Stuart McDonald.  They will be installed at the meeting on 3 November 2012.

Posted in Holy Royal Arch Chapter on August 15th, 2012 by David Clough

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