Air Ambulance Gets £12,000 Lift Thanks To Yorkshire Freemasons

Yorkshire Air Ambulance has been given a major lift thanks to Freemasons from Yorkshire.Members of the Provinces of North and East and Yorkshire West Riding presented the life-saving organisation with cheques totalling £12,000.

Two £4,000 cheques from Freemasons’ Grand Charity were presented, one by each Province, plus an additional £4,000 cheque from the West Riding Provincial  Grand Master’s Fund. J Rodney Tolson, Assistant Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Yorkshire West Riding, said: “The Yorkshire Air Ambulance is a magnificent charity that helps save lives all over the Yorkshire region.

“Many people wrongly think it is funded by the NHS, but it isn’t and relies on the generosity of individuals, businesses and organisations such as ours. It needs £7,200 a day so our joint donations will help keep it airborne for the best part of two days.

“I’m delighted to say that in recognition of past support we have given the charity, they are proud to display our symbol, the square and compasses, on their helicopters.”

He added: “As an organisation, the Freemasons are the second biggest givers to charity in this country after the National Lottery, and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance is just one of many good causes we help support.”

The cheques were received on behalf of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance Service, by regional fund raising manager, Bob Smailes.


Giving the Yorkshire Air Ambulance A Lift! (from left to right) Vice Chairman of West Riding Masonic Charities Ltd, Roger Newhouse; Chief Pilot Andy Lister, Provincial Grand Charity Steward, N&E Ridings, Stan Thompson; Pilot Steve Waudby, North & East APGM Malcolm Dabbs; Yorkshire West Riding APGM, J Rodney Tolson; Chairman of the N&E Ridings Provincial Grand Charity, John Hemy; Provincial Grand Charity Steward West Riding, Stuart Grantham

Posted in Charity News on August 9th, 2012 by David Clough

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